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All the details on speakers, sessions, activities and networking at the DIA Clinical Forum, the unique European conference that brings together thought leaders from industry in all the core disciplines; data management, clinical operations, drug safety and medical writing.

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DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting

Call for Hot Topics Now Open

NEW! Hot topic submissions will address late-breaking issues, new developments, regulations, guidances, or items making critical changes based on outcomes that were not available for submission in September 2014. Deadline: January 21. Learn More

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Development, Innovation, Access and Patient Safety: Developing, innovating and advancing towards service-oriented healthcare ecosystems.

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Exchange progressive views on key topics of interest and identify focus areas for ongoing efforts aimed to increase patient access to new and improved medicines.

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This two-day conference will provide an overview of regulatory harmonisation initiatives currently ongoing or emerging in Africa.

Co-organised by DIA and the IFPMA’s African Regulatory Network (ARN).

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GO 27th Annual EuroMeeting

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DIA EuroMeeting 2015
DIA EuroMeeting 2015 offers the ideal platform for healthcare innovation, patient organisations, decision makers and regulatory professionals to connect. They can scope potential new business partnerships, network and explore options for concrete solutions. For companies seeking to proactively manage the challenge of successfully shifting to a service oriented model, the EuroMeeting 2015 provides a significant return on investment.

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DIA EuroMeeting 2015: 12 themes designed to Develop, Innovate & Advance healthcare outcomes
through innovation across 5 core competences

Clinical Development | Pharmacovigilance | Regulatory | Health Economics | Quality & Safety

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Global Forum

December 2014 Global Forum Now Online: It's a brave new world for pharmacovigilance, and safety and risk management; and a brand new day for eRegulatory & intelligence management, too. In this issue, read detailed interviews with expert leadership from two of DIA's most enduring and yet newest educational programs, Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies 2015, and debut eRegulatory & Intelligence Annual Conference. Plus special reports from our 5th Cardiac Safety Workshop in Japan, Patient Engagement Workshop, and Pediatric Research 2014 Conference, and a personal invitation to the 4th African Regulatory Conference: Moving towards Regulatory Harmonization to Enhance Access to Medicines in Africa.

Read the December issue.

Breaking News

Biosimilars Challenge Pharma

Driving the burgeoning biosimilars industry is a lucrative biologics market, with multiple drug patents set to expire soon.   Read about this important issue and happenings at the DIA Biosimilars 2014 conference held in Washington, DC in September 2014.

Ebola Information Resources and Reference Material

CE providers have been asked to share educational resources and reference material from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The information is current as of dates indicated below. Please continue to consult the CDC other public health sources to ensure accuracy and identify additional information that may be available.     

Read Information from the AHA regarding Ebola Facts: Surgical Protocol – Possible or Confirmed Ebola Cases (10/16/14)

Read AHA Ebola Facts: Hospital Preparedness Checklist (10/15/14)

Read CDC Information for Healthcare Workers and Settings

Read AHA Ebola Facts, Educational PowerPoint Slides (10/14/14)

The AHA has provided an Ebola education package for CME providers and believes it would be beneficial to healthcare providers and institutions. (10/14/14)

Read FAQ on Safe Management of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in U.S. Hospitals


Editor In Chief Commentary: Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science - November 2014 Steven P Spielberg MD, PhD discusses recent changes and improvements to the journal and to DIA publications.

Read full commentary.

Read more TIRS articles.

NEW! Read our blog.

Can a Natural Disaster Stall Scientific Research?

An interesting Letter to the Editor appeared in the November issue of DIA’s official journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, the impact of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 on research activities is discussed.

Read the full article.

DIA Launches New TIRS Blog

DIA’s journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, has launched a new blog, titled “Collaborate to Innovate.” The blog aims to further public conversation about global therapeutic advances and regulatory policies by offering expert insight on current trends and fresh perspectives on timely industry news. Read the blog. Don’t forget to follow the blog to stay current on new entries.

The blog is just another facet of TIRS’ multimedia approach to industry news. We also offer monthly podcasts, featuring commentary by industry experts. They are available on the blog. Listen to Podcasts.

Both the blog and our podcasts are complimentary to all site visitors, so please share them with your professional network.

Global Chief Executive Barbara Lopez Kunz and Global Director of Engagement Elizabeth Lincoln were recently interviewed by International Innovation. Courtesy of International Innovation, a leading scientific dissemination service.


SCRIP100.comNew! DIA Europe and Director Jytte Lyngvig were spotlighted in SCRIP100.com.

Read their profile "A Forum for Future Leaders."

What Lies AheadWhat Lies Ahead for 2014?

DIA's second annual What Lies Ahead? report, provides expert insight into the year ahead for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the product development of medical devices.

Read report.

DIANew! Content Currents

DIA's Content Currents provides important new global regulatory developments and their impact on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical product development.

Read current issue. 

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Upcoming educational opportunities in your region:

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for yourself and your team in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Research
  • Non-clinical Safety
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • EudraVigilance

DIA Europe's training calendar is updated regularly, remember to check back for additions or changes from time to time.

Keep an overview of dates for conferences and training courses, so you can mark your calendar well in advance.

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MembershipNew! Free access to one of DIA's archived webinars featuring up-to-the-minute information about the latest developments in the medical product industry

Just added! The Impact of Drug Shortages on the Pharmaceutical Industry

More than 18,000 members worldwide look to DIA as the only global, neutral, nonprofit, multidisciplinary association to address the challenges you face every day. Take advantage of all the benefits of membership, including:

DIA ConneXDIA ConneX is a trusted, interactive, web-based network that links DIA’s 18,000-member global community. DIA members use ConneX to collaborate, communicate, network, and exchange information. Through ConneX, DIA members:

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Place your advertising message in front of more than 18,000 professionals involved in every aspect of medical product discovery, development, and delivery.


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New Era for Communities

DIA is a global member association that provides knowledge resources across the full spectrum of medical product development. In the last few years the organization has expanded that global reach and will continue to grow to meet the need for health care knowledge exchange around the world.

As DIA’s reach expands globally we believe a name change is necessary. Our global volunteers came to consensus on "Community" to replace "SIACs." This change will enhance the visibility of the groups and make it much easier to recognize their purpose.

Each Community is led by a chairperson who is responsible for the overall activities of the Community. View complete list of Community chairpersons.

GO Patient Initiatives

Through DIA’s worldwide conferences and programs, patient representatives have opportunities to develop, strengthen, and support collaborations with policymakers, health professionals, industry representatives, and academia while promoting dialogue and sharing best practices.

The EuroMeeting Patient Fellowship is designed to:

Develop, strengthen, and support patient collaborations with policy makers, health professionals, industry representatives, and academia;

Increase the knowledge and understanding of patient groups about key issues central to patient-centered healthcare, biomedical research, and drug development;

Develop the capacity of patient groups to advocate for change;

Improve alliances between patient groups and other healthcare stakeholders; and

Stimulate cooperation, promote dialogue, and share best practices.