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Dr. Frances Richmond currently directs the International Center for Regulatory Science at the University of Southern California. She was educated as a neurophysiologist (BNSc, MSc, PhD) at Queen's University, then completed post-doctoral studies at the Université de Montréal and the National Institutes of Health before joining the faculty of Queen's University. There she served as professor and Associate Dean of Life Sciences (1986-1989). She was a policy advisor for scientific labor needs at Industry Canada (1990-1992) and a clinical scientist at the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, an early stage product development group (1994-1995). She was the first woman to be appointed Director of a research consortium funded by Canada's Medical Research Council (1995-2000). Dr. Richmond joined the faculty of the School of Pharmacy at USC in 1999 as Director of Regulatory and Clinical Sciences at the Alfred E. Mann Institute. Research included seven preclinical/clinical projects related to medical product development, focused on electrical devices, sensors and pharmaceutical products. Dr. Richmond is or has been a member of three large research consortia (NIH Engineering Research partnership, NIH Bioengineering Research partnership, Clinical and Translational Science Institute). She directs the Regulatory Knowledge and Support group of the CTSI for the Los Angeles Basin. Dr Richmond directs Regulatory Science programs in the School of Pharmacy, that provide certificate, MS and doctoral training in the regulatory management of foods, dietary supplements, medical devices and drugs.