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Mr. Song Ruilin, L.L.B. from China University of Political Science and Law, EMBA from ChinaEurope International Business School, is the Executive President of China Pharmaceutical IndustryResearch and Development Association (SINO-PhIRDA); Executive Director-General of ResearchCenter for Medicinal Policy of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association; Executive Deputy Director of the Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem, China Pharmaceutical University. Before 2008, Mr. Song was mainly engaged in the legislative review and research of health andmedicine and was former Deputy Director-General of the Department of Education, Science,Culture and Public Health in Legislative Affairs Office at State Council of China. He participated inChina's health legislation activities from 1987 to 2006, in charging of the inspection and review ofcurrent Law of Pharmaceutical Administration, Law of Food Safety, Law of the Prevention andTreatment of Infectious Diseases, etc., which enabled him to become an expert on Chinesehealthcare legislation and law. In early 2006, Mr. Song performed research on healthcare reform asa visiting scholar at Sydney University in Australia. After returning to China in 2008, Mr. Songparticipated in the establishment of Research Center for Medicinal Policy at ChinesePharmaceutical Association, which then became a think-tank on medical policy, innovativemedicines, essential drugs and pharmacoeconomics of the country. Also in the same year, heparticipated in the research activities of Health China 2020 Strategic Project organized by theMinistry of Health and was appointed as the Deputy-Director of experts group of national medicinepolicy subproject. Since November 2009, Mr. Song was elected as the Executive President of SINO-PhIRDA.