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Ms Donglei Mao, academic director and editor of "Medical Economic News", journalist; formerly chief editor and director of "China Prescription Drug" magazine. Member of (DIA, Drug Information Association) China Advisory Committee. Focused on news reporting on pharmaceutical R&D, regulatory oversight and review, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry policies and regulations. Highlights of my 13 years of media coverage on the pharmaceutical industry: : -interviewed the last 5 directors of the China Center for Drug Evaluation(CDE), and the last head of registration of CFDA; -Interviewed with more than 10 multinational pharmaceutical companies’ Asia-Pacific head of research and development, and the innovation-driven domestic drug companies; -Interviewed with the heads of more than 10 domestic drug clinical trial centers; -Interviewed with Paul Pmerantz, former DIA worldwide executive director; -Interviewed with Dr Ling Su, former chairman of the DIA worldwide executive council; -Interviewed with Nign Xu, Chairman of DIA Advisory Council of China; -Reported and involved in the planning of the first, third, fourth, fifth DIA China Annual Meetings