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Dr. Irwin received her Medical degree and Master of Science degree from the Third PRC Medical University in China. She received a followship from NIH to work at the University of South Florida in 1987. Further she has completed her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1994. After a short post-doctoral fellowship with a Canadian Medical Research Council postdoctoral fellowship, she accepted an industry position at Canadian Dimethied Pharmaceutical Research Incorporation managing anti-arthritis drug development. In 1999, Dr. Irwin joined the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical division of Warner Lambert Corp. as a medical scientist and project manager in cardiovascular clinical research and was responsible for the international development of Lipitor and other cardiovascular drugs. Dr. Irwin accepted the position of Associate Director of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases at Bayer Pharmaceutical Inc. in mid 2000. During more than 12 years working at Bayer, she has hold different roles in different regions with increased responsibilities. In her last role as Head of Medical in Bayer China, she has established the full clinical development function and led the team to receive 9 NCE approvals in 7 years. In addition, a full medical affairs function was established to support the local business to become among the top 5 pharmaceutical company in China. Dr. Irwin has recently joined GSK RD as VP of Medicine Development on Jan 2013.