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Maria Beatriz Silva Lima is PharmD and PhD in Pharmacology and is full professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotoxicology at the Lisbon University, Faculty of Pharmacy, and head of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences. She is the Coordinator of the research Group of Pharmacological Sciences of the iMED.UL, where she heads also the research Group in NonClinical safety and Regulatory Science. Beatriz Silva Lima is expert in nonclinical and regulatory science at Infarmed and EMEA, being member of the Commitee of Human Medicines (CHMP), Commitee of Advanced Therapies (CAT) and Scientific Advice Working Party (SAWP). She is Chair of the Safety Working Party (SWP) and has been involved as Co-Deputy in ICH discussions on ICH M3R2 and S6R1 guidelines on behalf of the European Commission. Incorporates the panel of assessors evaluating FP7 research grants from European Commission. Is currently involved in the assessment of grants on rare diseases. Areas of research: Regulatory Science Nonclinical Safety; Pharmacology of metabolic diseases; smooth muscle contractility and associated cascades.