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Li Haiyan is a cardiovascular physician. She is the director of Clinical Trial Institution in Peking University Third Hospital and the vice director of Clinical Institution in Peking University. She also serves as the vice director in Peking University Biomedical Ethics Committee. Li Haiyan’s clinical major is vascular disease, especially coronary interventional diagnosis and treatment. She has rich clinical experience in hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart failure and cardiovascular emergency rescue. Li visited Intravascular Ultrasound Central Lab and Cardiac Catheterization Lab in University of California at Los Angeles (USLA) as a visiting scholar. During that time, she issued four SCI articles, two of which were published in international cardiovascular journal. As a principal researcher, Li participated in more than 30 clinical trials involving thrombolytic drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, lipid lowering drugs, anti-heart failure drugs, coronary heart disease drugs, etc. She participated in several clinical trials based on international multi-center and completed drug trials from Phase? to Phase ?. She has abundant experience in organizing, managing, and carrying out clinical drug trials. She published more than 30 professional articles. In 2008, she got support from GCP platform of “Significant New Drug” of National Science and Technology Project.