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Dr. Li Shi is currently the CEO of Zerun Bio, an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company focusing on novel human vaccine and biologics research & development, manufacturing, and commercialization. Zerun Bio is designated as a high and new technology enterprise by Shanghai municipal government. Prior joining Zerun Bio, Li was a Senior Director in Genzyme, leading three teams to provide technical support to biological product cell culture, purification, formulation, and fill/finish process development, scale up, technology transfer, and commercial manufacturing activities. Li has nearly 25 years of vaccine and protein biopharmaceutical R&D experience in US including nearly 14 years of Merck and 3 years of Genzyme experience with increasing responsibility. He was involved in various programs from discovery stage to preclinical and clinical phase I-III trials, and all the way to technology transfer, BLA filing, and commercialization. He has contributed to about 30 R&D and commercial product programs including vaccines, therapeutic proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, and gene therapeutics. He made key contributions to the development of Merck’s Gardasil® vaccine that received Pre-Galen Award (called Industry Nobel Prize) and achieved $1.5 billion of first year sale (2007). Li received BS/MS from Peking University, Ph.D. from University of California, and postdoctoral and MBA trainings from The Scripps Research Institute at San Diego and Lehigh University, respectively. He has a total of over 130 paper, patent, and presentation publications. He is a winner of W. H. Person’s Award of American Chemical Society. He is a former vice president of SAPA, president and co-founder of SAPA-GP and a reviewer and/or editor of 12 international pharma and biopharm journals.