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Trends in Health Canada Inspections

Tutorial name:
Trends in Health Canada Inspections

Day & Time:
October 28, 1:30PM - 5:00PM

Registration Fees
- Standard Rate$405.00


This tutorial will focus on recent trends in Health Canada Inspections from the perspective of the Inspectorate and the Industry it regulates.

Following an overview of the Inspectorate and the Inspection strategy for drugs, biologics and medical devices, the Inspectorate and Industry will discuss emerging trends.

For GMP and medical devices inspections, the Inspectorate will present a summary of top observations, including examples on GMP, medical devices and clinical trial inspections.  Industry speakers will discuss how recent inspection observations have changed their operational practices in Canada and globally.

Additionally, HPFBI will provide Industry with advice on areas considered “grey space.”

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EventCredit TypeMax CreditsCEU
Trends in Health Canada InspectionsIACET

Learning Objective(s):

At the conclusion of this tutorial, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the HPFBI’s current mandate and operations for GMP oversight in the areas of drugs and medical device manufacturing, importing and distribution.
  • Describe how Industry should prepare for drug, biologics and medical device inspections by gaining knowledge of recent inspection findings and issues and how some companies have adapted operations to respond.
  • Apply advice from the Inspectorate on managing topics that drug and medical device manufacturers, importers and distributors seek clarity on.


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