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Session 5 Track 3 - New Realities: Managing Drug Shortages

New Realities

Day & Time:
October 30, 8:30AM - 10:00AM


Session 5 Track 3 - New Realities: Managing Drug Shortages

Sandra Alderdice
Regulatory Affairs Supervisor, Office of Regulatory Affairs, BGTD
Health Canada, Canada

The management of a drug shortage involves collaborative efforts by multiple stakeholders and authorities to minimize patient impact. This session will explore how drug shortages across Canada are managed. It will provide an overview of significant global regulatory and legislative developments shaping supply chain management. It will consider how drug shortages can be avoided by monitoring real compliance data and increasing organizational communication. Finally, this session will look at public health issues involving shortages and illustrate a case example highlighting how the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and manufacturers around the world worked together to find alternative products.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Managing Drug Shortages by Monitoring Real Compliance Data: Global Developments Affecting Drug Supply Chains
Mujadala Abdul-Majid, JD,MS,RAC
Senior Regulatory Analyst
3E Company, United States

Addressing Drug Shortages in Canada
Etienne Ouimette
Director, Strategic Horizontal Policy Division
Health Canada, Canada

Drug Shortages and Public Health : A Case Study of BCG Vaccine
Cathy A. Parker
Acting Senior Executive Director, BGTD; Chair, Orphan Drugs Working Group
Health Canada, Canada

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