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Site Selection and Feasibility Symposium

Clinical Operations

Day & Time:
June 18, 10:30AM - 12:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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Site Selection and Feasibility Symposium

Dr. Ira Charles Spector, PhD, MBA
Clinical Development Executive
United States

This symposium will cover the use of data analytic tools to identify the best clinical research sites for use in clinical studies. Traditional approaches to site selection often result in a number of sites not enrolling. This symposium will address the use of performance metric tools to enrich the probability of selecting sites that enroll well and retain patients during clinical trials.

Learning Objective(s):
Discuss how to identify potential sites that are more likely to enroll and retain patients, using predictive performance metrics; Describe how to change the site selection process to utilize these contemporary approaches; Explain what sponsors can do to help improve site performance.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Predicting Clinical Research Site Performance
Dr. Ira Charles Spector, PhD, MBA
Clinical Development Executive
United States

Mining the Mother Lode: Harnessing the Right Data and Metrics to Find the Best Sites for Your Study
Elisabeth Otto
Manager, Tech Publications
IMS Health, United States

Using a Data-Driven Approach at the Site Level During the Feasibility Process to Help Ensure a More Accurate Trial Outcome
Rebecca Little
Associate Director, Business Development
Rx Trials, United States

Site Perspective
Daniel M Ulrey, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Midwest Clinical Support, Inc., United States