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The Patient Point-of-View: An Unrehearsed but Revealing Conversation to Rectify Patient Enrollment

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June 18, 10:30AM - 12:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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The Patient Point-of-View: An Unrehearsed but Revealing Conversation to Rectify Patient Enrollment

Christine Pierre
Society for Clinical Research Sites, United States

Within the medical research enterprise, clinical trial patients are often the unsung heroes. They give of their time and energy to participate in studies that advance medicine and enable new therapies to become available for those who need them. Yet the industry continues to struggle with recruiting sufficient numbers of such heroes. Poor enrollment is this single most significant factor affecting the 72% of trials finishing at least a month beyond their targeted deadlines. There are numerous opportunities throughout the clinical trials process to improve the patient experience; the clinical research and medical practice communities can each benefit greatly by understanding clinical trial participation issues from the patient viewpoint. This panel discussion focuses on the patient’s experience through their perspective. Join a diverse panel of clinical trial patients, who will provide personal accounts of their clinical trial experiences, including hurdles and obstacles they have encountered. Most importantly, this forum will provide recommendations for what industry must address immediately to rectify enrollment disappointments.

Learning Objective(s):
Describe the hurdles and obstacles to patient participation in clinical trials; Recognize the need to effectively listen to and address concerns expressed by clinical trial patients; Discuss the considerations given by clinical trial patients when deciding whether to participate and remain in a study.

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TJ Sharpe
Cancer Blog Author
www.Philly.com, United States

Christopher J. Hoyle, MBA
Executive Director
Elite Research Network, United States

Representative Invited
United States