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Plenary Session 4: Round-table: Building a Clinical Research Infrastructure: Impact on Health Care

Day & Time:
October 22, 9:50AM - 11:50AM


Plenary Session 4: Round-table: Building a Clinical Research Infrastructure: Impact on Health Care

Honorio Silva, MD
Inter-American Foundation for Clinical Research (IAFCR), United States

João Paulo Pieroni
Department Manager
Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), Brazil

Only 5 to 10 % of all eligible adult patients are engaged in clinical research and challenges in recruiting patients delay the completion of many trials. The process of generating medical evidence through clinical research is slow and inefficient. Moreover, the generalizability of clinical trials results is often challenged by the narrow settings and populations addressed. Thus clinical research and clinical practice should be integrated by creating a patient centered, science driven health care enterprise. A clinical research infrastructure is necessary. National and regional clinical research networks could be built, linking community-based physicians with academic centers in an integrated delivery system. Additionally, new mechanisms for recruiting, informing and engaging patients using social media networks, centralized registries and other means can also substantially improve the efficiency of research. Unified information and data collection systems will be necessary to meet the needs of clinical research and patient care. Proper education, training and certification of the workforce along with involvement and support of the public sector and national regulatory agencies are indispensable. At the end this session, the attendees would be able to: 1. Describe challenges and hurdles to build a clinical research infrastructure and the multi-sectorial initiatives developed to advance clinical research across countries; 2. Identify the components of the clinical research enterprise and describe the impact of centralized country initiatives (Korea) on clinical research and health care; 3. Describe the potential advantages for the health care system and the business case for the creation of a global clinical research system.

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Mapping the Clinical Research World
Gustavo Kesselring, MD
Executive Director
ViS Research Institute, Brazil

The Country Experience
Min Soo Park, MD,PhD
Director, Clinical Trials Center, Severance Hospital
Yonsei University College of Medicine, Korea, Republic of

Creating a Global Clinical Research System: ACRES
Greg Koski, MD
Alliance For Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), United States