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Ethics in Medical Writing

Medical Writing Publication Topics

Day & Time:
March 12, 8:00AM - 9:30AM

Room Number:
Ballroom Salon H


Ethics in Medical Writing

Tolu Taiwo, PharmD, MBA
Director, Medical Information
Horizon Pharma Inc, United States

Ethical issues confront health care practitioners (HCPs) in clinical trials and post-approval patient care, yet information is scant on addressing these issues and the written word. Health care professionals preparing manuscripts for publication or those practicing in pharmaceutical Drug Information Centers (DICs) often rely on the company’s regulatory department or legal team to deal with such concerns. This session will identify ethical matters that arise in medical writing that discloses information in published journal articles or responds to unsolicited medical information inquiries relative to drugs in development or in the market. It will offer strategies for accurate and truthful reporting whilst maintaining the integrity of the sponsor and assuring optimal release of information that is useful to the medical community.

Learning Objective(s):
Describe ethical issues commonly encountered in publication
Recognize industry and regulatory agency expectations for disclosure about products in development or the marketplace
Identify with regulatory agency requirements and international guidelines for disclosure
Identify and avoid writing pitfalls, such as inflated language, unintended plagiarism, or unsubstantiated claims
Identify what constitutes an ethical issue in responding to an unsolicited DI request

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Ethics in Reporting
Janet Gough, MA
Systems, Documentation & Training
Consultant, United States

Ethical Issues in The Pharmaceutical Company Drug Information Center (DIC)
Tolu Taiwo, PharmD, MBA
Director, Medical Information
Horizon Pharma Inc, United States

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