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Scope of MSL Proactive Engagements

Medical Science Liasons Track

Day & Time:
March 12, 8:00AM - 9:30AM

Room Number:
Regency Hall 1 & 2


Scope of MSL Proactive Engagements

Ramineh Zoka, PharmD, MS
Senior Director, Medical Science Liaison, Medical Affairs
Janssen Services, LLC, United States

During this session, a panel of experts will discuss the opportunities through which Medical Science Liaisons may be able to proactively engage their customers. The focus will be on proactive scientific communication and input gathering from customers. The speakers will also provide an overview of regulatory guidelines and how various companies have approached such exchange.

Learning Objective(s):
At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
Recognize the possible opportunities that MSLs may proactively discuss appropriate evidence-based information with their customers
Identify how MSLs, as part of an interdisciplinary team, may support company scientific programs through input gathering and communication of such feedback within their company

Presentation(s) & Speaker(s):
Scope of MSL Proactive Engagements: Legal Framework and Scientific Exchange
Maura Norden, JD
Associate, Food and Drug Practice
Sidley Austin LLP, United States

MSL Engagement – Regulatory Considerations
Sheetal Patel, PharmD
Director, Regulatory Advertising and Promotion
Johnson & Johnson US Pharmaceuticals Group HCC, United States

Proactive Engagements – A Practical Approach to Maximize MSL Communications and Value
Randy David Miller, PharmD, RPh
Director, Field Based Medicine Operations
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States

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