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This one-stop resource provides you with the information and knowledge resources to help you develop skills and learn proven strategies and techniques to help you overcome the challenges you face in your profession.

This resource center addresses all of today’s hottest topics, including:

  • Pre- and postmarketing drug safety & pharmacovigilance
  • Risk management strategies
  • Signal detection and data mining
  • Potential impact of new risk management guidelines on core labeling
magnifying glass DIA’s Annual Canadian Meeting
October 28-29 | Ottawa, ON, Canada
Patient Engagement throughout the Full Spectrum of Drug Development: An Interactive Workshop for Life Science Companies and Patient Groups
October 29-30 | Washington, DC
baby Pediatric Research Conference 2014
November 6-7 | Washington, DC
NA_15002 Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies 2015
January 26-28 | Washington, DC
NA_15009 Joint Adaptive Design and Bayesian Statistics Conference: Drivers of Efficiency in Modern Medical Product Development
February 10-12 | Arlington, VA
NA_15007 Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2015
February 15-19 | Washington, DC
NA_15008 DIA/FDA Statistics Forum 2015
April 20-22 | North Bethesda, MD
DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting: Develop. Innovate. Advance.
June 14-18 | Washington, DC
In-Person Instruction
Training Postmarketing Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
October 20-21 | Horsham, PA
Training Advanced Signal Detection - Tools, Triage, Evaluation, and Escalation
November 3-4 | Washington, DC
Training Risk Management and Safety Communications
November 10-11 | Bethesda, MD
Online Learning
Webinar Clinical Trials Transparency 3-Part Series: Moving the Debate Forward-Realizing the Benefits of Providing Greater Access to Clinical Trial Data: Part 2-Connecting the Research Community: Data Sharing–Perspectives from Academia and Patient Advocacy Groups
October 21
Online Training Negotiation and Influence
October 30
Webinar Five-Part Series on Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology for Drug Development - Part 5: Assessment of QT Prolongation
November 6
Webinar Clinical Trials Transparency 3-Part Series: Moving the Debate Forward - Realizing the Benefits of Providing Greater Access to Clinical Trial Data: Part 3 - Understanding the Legislation Landscape: Regulatory Updates from the FDA and EMA
November 12
Webinar Proarrhythmia
November 19
Webinar Impact on Drug Development of Novel Translational Safety Biomarkers for Improved Detection of Drug-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
November 20
Webinar Implementation and Status of Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Reporting (PBRER) in Canada
December 9
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