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#2: A New Project Manager: Team Management – What is needed to build effective project team?

Nov 6 2013 9:00AM - Nov 6 2013 10:45AM | TFT Halls & Rooms TFT Building, 3-6-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8071 Japan

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Session Chairs
Koji Iwasaki, PhD
Director, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Koich Konno, PMP
President, PM Consulting, Positive Intension

A new project manager, who just assigned as Project manager by his supervisor, began to study “project management”, however, the actual his project does not wait for him to be ready to be PM. That is, with short time, he needs to learn project management and initiate to plan and execute his project. To start, of course, he plans to have “project kick-off meeting”. At this stage, what he should do? How does he influence to entire team, to be “performing” project team? He well knows that a high team performance would lead to project success, but how?In this session, the speakers will investigate and discuss how to create high performing team by creating credibility, sharing vision and objectives, and also how to overcome “forming-storming” stage, which teams often struggle with inefficiency and ineffectiveness in performance. This session will continue to cheer and support all new project managers!

The Team Management? – What is that?
Koji Iwasaki, PhD
Director, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

The Team Management? How to do it?
Koich Konno, PMP
President, PM consulting, Positive Intension

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