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#4: HTA in practice in Europe - What are the challenges for Japan?

Nov 6 2013 11:00AM - Nov 6 2013 12:45PM | TFT Halls & Rooms TFT Building, 3-6-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8071 Japan

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Session Chair
Bruno Rossi
Head of Market Access, Bayer Yakuhin

The debate on HTA continues in Japan, with a focus on trying to understand the methodology and how it could apply to the health care system in this country. At the same time, in Europe, the field of HTA is in rapid evolution, due to refinements to the methodology of HTA itself, but also the request for convergence between requirements from regulatory and HTA agencies for additional data. The session will briefly cover the basics of HTA, and how it is practiced in Europe with a particular emphasis on recent country developments, cooperation initiatives across Europe and the involvement of a broader circle of stakeholders. Turning to Japan, and to the necessary infrastructure underlying HTA, one case study will address the relevance of patient-reported outcomes to HTA and to drug development, and the challenges in their implementation.

HTA Basic Short Course
Miyuki Ezura
Pfizer Holdings K.K.

HTA in Practice in Europe, and its Continuous Evolution
Bruno Rossi
Head of Market Access, Bayer Yakuhin

A Practical Case: PRO Relevance to HTA and their
Utilization in Japan
Erika Tanaka
HEOR Project Leader, Bayer Yakuhin

Panel Discussion

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