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Risk-based Source Data Verification Approaches: Pros and Cons

Risk-based Source Data Verification Approaches: Pros and Cons

The high cost of source data verification (SDV), particularly in large trials, has made it a target of scrutiny over the last decade. In addition, the positive impact (ie, cost-benefit ratio of SDV) on overall data quality is often questioned. As a result, regulators and industry groups have started looking at alternative SDV approaches. This article evaluates the FDAsupported risk-based approach to SDV and provides a proposal on how to modify the SDV process without undermining the validity and integrity of the trial data. It summarizes alternative approaches to 100% SDV and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of riskbased SDV (rSDV). The regulatory, data quality, and cost implications of each approach are considered. The economics of rSDV are discussed and the cost implications of rSDV are presented based on the results of exploratory analyses for four hypothetical trials in cardiology and oncology.