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Failure to Communicate: Medication Guide or Memory

Failure to Communicate: Medication Guide or Memory

Four hundred individuals in the United States were surveyed via the Internet to determine how previous experience with a medication guide (MG) for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) influenced knowledge. Half of the respondents had received a prescription for an NSAID in the previous 6 months (during which time an MG was required). Independently, half were shown the NSAID MG and allowed to read or reread it prior to taking a knowledge test. Those who read the MG prior to taking the knowledge test correctly answered about twothirds of the questions regardless of previous use. Those who had used the medicine, but did not review the MG prior to the test, correctly answered about half of the questions. Those that neither used the medicine nor reviewed the MG correctly answered about one-fourth of the questions. The results indicate that there was an independent contribution of both experience using the medicine and MG readership