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Clinical DataFax Systems Inc.


CDSI (Clinical DataFax Systems Inc.) has provided a sophisticated ever-evolving clinical trial management system (CTMS) and outstanding support to clinical researchers for over 20 years.


Electronic Data Capture

  • Intuitive electronic patient binder interface for easy navigation to any data screen for any study patient
  • Data entry aids: legal range checks, dropdown lists, consistency checks, help messages, lookup tables
  • Color coding and status icons identify illegal and missing values, overdue visits, queries, and more
  • One click to enter comments and reasons to explain data values; making queries unnecessary
  • One click to respond to any queries from the study coordinating center
  • Attach supporting documents to EDC records (e.g. a scanned death certificate)
  • Secure data transmission using SSL encryption and CFR 21 part 11 compliance
  • Available using a web browser or using our internet app for Windows, Linux and Apple OS X


CRF & Document Management

  • In addition to EDC, CDSI supports data capture from scanned or faxed paper CRFs
  • Scan CRFs to PDFs and import them to the study database
  • Automatic indexing and routing of each CRF page received by the study server
  • Intelligent character recognition reads numbers, dates, check boxes, and visual analog scales
  • Split screen review of CRF pages and the corresponding data records
  • Create bookmarked PDFs, including side-by-side display of paper CRFs and data records


Study Management

  • Manage user login accounts using study roles to specify database permissions
  • Define tasks including data retrieval rules and instructions for specified users or study roles
  • Use tasks for data reviews, MedDRA and drug coding, source verification, etc.
  • Import data from labs and other sources using a simple data field mapping interface
  • Define a visit map for automatic queries that identify overdue visits and missing assessments
  • Use generic edit checks in any study to avoid recoding and ensure consistency
  • Use our point of entry audit trail as well as audit trail reports for easy review of changes as needed
  • Use standard study management reports to track study sites, patients, data work flow, etc.
  • Export data to other database systems, including: ORACLE, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL
  • Export SAS data sets or simple spreadsheets for statistical analysis


Flexible and Cost Effective

  • Use our software as a service (SaaS) hosted in our secure data center, or install our software on servers in your own data center for total control.
  • Run multiple studies for a single annual subscription fee, or use our single-study pricing model. Either way, non-profit organizations enjoy a 50% discount on all license fees.
  • Use our experts to setup your EDC system and customize it to meet your needs, or use our point & click internet apps to configure studies on your own.


For more information or to arrange a demo, please visit our web site at www.datafax.com


Contact Information: 

Clinical DataFax Systems Inc.
25 Main Street West, Suite 500
Hamilton, ON, L8P 1H1, CAN
Phone : 9053875198
Fax : 9055227284
Internet : www.datafax.com
Email : info@datafax.com
Contact Person : Wayne Taylor, President