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nSpire Health, Inc.


The Core to a Successful Respiratory Clinical Trial

  • Experience – successful completion of over 220 clinical trial
  • Quality – high quality respiratory data
  • Accuracy – extremely accurate testing devices for Office & Home Spirometry 

Specializing in ALL PHASES of Respiratory Clinical Trials

nSpire Health provides Centralized Spirometry, Pulmonary Diagnostics, Challenge Testing, eDiary, and Data Management for Phase I-IV Clinical Trials including Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, and inhaled therapeutics. 

Our Clinical Trial division is uniquely positioned within the respiratory health market to provide you with research grade diagnostic equipment as well as core lab services. By integrating our device manufacturing expertise we are able to ‘custom fit' equipment specific to your study parameters.  

Centralized Spirometry

Our extensive centralized data management services utilize the research grade KoKo® Diagnostic Spirometer and PiKo®, the world's first personal home lung health monitoring device. We are continually developing our products and services, bringing you the most innovative technology available. 

nSpire Health is the exclusive provider of PiKoLogic® Integrated eDiary Spirometer, PiKo® Home Lung Health Monitors, KoKo® Diagnostic Spirometers, and HDpft™ systems, the most accurate and precise pulmonary function testing systems worldwide.

ePro Solutions

nSpire Health's PiKoLogic® ePRO solution is now EXACT-PRO certified, providing a fully integrated spirometry and electronic diary system allowing real-time connectivity with recording of critical parameters and daily diary content for the most demanding clinical trial protocols.

Data Management & Quality Assurance

A highly trained, fully certified project manager is assigned to every study, ensuring the sponsor's specific needs are met. Each study is reviewed by certified technicians and qualified respiratory therapists. Protect the integrity and efficiency of your clinical trials data through continuous assessment using automatic alerts and query processes and procedures to eliminate errors during testing and data collection.

Online Data Access & Training

nSpire Health's CTMT™ secure data monitoring portal provides instant user-defined access to web-based study dashboards for technicians, monitors, and sponsors. Critical information on the trial progress and performance of each site is available in real-time.  

eSage™ online self-paced training curriculum consists of several linked courses, detailing the information needed by a clinical trial site . Each curriculum is electronically tracked with reporting on compliance, usage, and certification level.


nSpire Health has provided clinical trial core lab services to the world's preeminent pharmaceutical companies, with over 220 clinical trials in the past 9 years involving both pediatric and adult users. We have provided global support to over 5,000 investigative sites in 50 countries. Our quality review team has reviewed more than 1 million PFT's in clinical trials as large as 500 sites spanning 34 countries. nSpire Health's award winning technologies are continually redefining accuracy and establishing new standards for diagnosing, treating, and managing lung diseases.

nSpire Health is committed to revolutionizing the way the world detects and treats respiratory diseases.



Cardiovascular Monitoring/Pulmonary Diagnostics, Clinical Trial Design, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Data Management, Disease Management/Health Outcomes, Efficacy Studies, Electronic Diary/Dictionary/Translator, Project Management, Spirometry/Challenge Testing, Training

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