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TTC, llc principals' combine the most successful track record in the industry with continuing innovation and they have been at the forefront of benchmarking innovation since the first drug development cost benchmarking company was founded in 1990. They are the first to offer cost management tools to the drug development industry and with that they were able to develop new, state-of-the-art products which are subscribed to by pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. The company has a strong financial base in combination with an international outlook and a proven customer focus which help the industry professionals understand and manage the costs and speed of drug development.

Throughout the lifetime of TTC, llc there have been numerous accomplishments the company has experienced. One of these includes that our client subscribers' conduct over 76% of all commercial clinical trials according to the website clinicaltrials.gov. Another accomplishment TTC, llc has is the ability to work closely with the University of Sciences in conducting a multi-year research study of why some clinical trials are able to finish faster than others.

TTC, llc offers four state of the art cost benchmarking tools to help drug development organizations.

TTC GrantPlan ® is the largest database of international grant costs in the world. This database includes cost data on Procedure, Cost Per Visit, and Cost Per Patient level from North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and other countries that are involved in drug testing.

TTC also offers CRO CostPro ® which allows sponsors to forecast, budget and negotiate the cost of outsourced clinical trials through a secure electronic Request for Proposal (RFP) module. CostPro ® has extensive clinical trial outsourcing data for over 50 countries where clinical trials are currently ongoing.

The third product TTC, llc offers is TTC IISIS™ which stands for Investigator Initiated Study Submission Integrated System. This is the only cost benchmarking system dedicated exclusively to investigator initiated studies and offers price details for items such as but not limited to; history & physical, ECG, protocol development, data entry, and report writing.

The last product offered is TTC Standard of Care™. This product is offered to pharmaceutical professionals and is the first and only database on the market that is able to provide current trends on what is considered standard of care products.

TTC, llc also offers consulting services in areas such as grant budgeting and planning, pharmacoeconomic clinical study design and analysis, analysis of comparative grant spending by a sponsor company, and offers effective methods in negotiating with site based on empirical data and clinical experience.

TTC, llc has two office locations globally:

TTC Corporate Headquarters
4548 Market Street
Suite M-20Philadelphia, PA 19139
(215) 243-4103 (Tel)
(215) 895-4001 (Fax)

TTC European Headquarters
136 Delaware Road
London, W9 2LL UK
44 (0)7792 145 831 (Tel)
44 (0)2086 584 033 (Fax)


Consulting, Cost Benchmarking/Financial Consulting, Protocol Development

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TTC, llc
4548 Market St., Suite M-20
Philadelphia, PA, 19139, USA
Phone : 2152434103
Fax : 2158954001
Internet : http://ttc-llc.com
Email : info@ttc-llc.com
Contact Person : Marie Johnston