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Global Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention

Anyone can be a study participant, but how do you find these patients and communicate to them about your study?  With experience of implementing programs in over 60 countries worldwide, Fast4wD Ogilvy is your passport to the world of patient recruitment.

At Fast4wD Ogilvy we develop tailor-made communication programs to reach your target patient population. We can help you to support them at every stage of the journey through your clinical trial from initial awareness, through being informed and giving consent, to remaining engaged and adherent for the duration of the trial.

Fast4wD Ogilvy applies healthcare communications expertise to address the specific challenges of clinical trial implementation. We provide you with the tools to communicate to all stakeholders, from study monitors and site staff, referring healthcare professionals, to patients and their families.

With international hubs in the UK and the US and as part of the Ogilvy CommonHealth, Fast4wD Ogilvy has access to 64 offices around the globe providing expertise on every area of healthcare communications including market access, medical education, PR and advertising.

Fast4wD Ogilvy has a diverse, experienced and creative team, consisting of scientists, nurses, marketers, writers and designers. We have experience from neonatal through to geriatric studies, across a multitude of disease areas. More importantly we have metrics to show the impact our programs can have on a clinical trial. 

Fast4wD Ogilvy’s aim is to work with you as an extension of your study team.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service through our strategic and creative solutions from training of study staff through to toolkits for sites; multimedia advertising and pre-screening to support and adherence initiatives for participants and sites.  We offer global thinking with local implementation.

Why have other companies selected Fast4wD Ogilvy?

“When I look for a recruitment company, I look for a company which is innovative, has therapeutic experience and excellent project management skills.  I have found those attributes in Fast4wD Ogilvy for my last several trials.”


Advertising, Consulting, Market Research/Product Communication, Medical Communications, Medical Writing, Patient Compliance, Patient Education, Patient Recruitment, Training

Contact Information: 

Fast4wD Ogilvy
636 11th Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY, 10036, USA
Phone : 2122374000
Fax : 9174743881
Internet : www.ogilvychww.com
Email : marie.emms@ogilvy.com
Contact Person : Marie Emms