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Vitalograph is an industry leading manufacturer of cardio- respiratory medical devices for use in primary care physician clinics, hospitals and occupational health settings. Vitalograph also supports pharmaceutical development by providing Core Lab Services for Centralized Spirometry, ECG, Holter and ePRO data collection for cardio-respiratory clinical trials.

Vitalograph’s Compact Expert offers a sophisticated, integrated cardio-respiratory testing workstation with the capability to support spirometry, challenge testing, e-PRO, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and more via our innovative SpirotracSoftware. The Compact Expert, with its touch screen interface, serves as a stand-alone workstation for your pulmonary testing lab or can be customized for clinical research protocols, enabling the standardization of equipment and software for multi-center clinical trials.

Utilizing the Vitalograph 12-Lead ECG unit, physicians and clinical research sites can collect, record and store ECG data in one integrated package. ECG analysis utilizing a world-class interpretation algorithm can assist in the interpretation of ECG results. Our wireless, Bluetooth ECG unit offers a simple, secure and convenient option for diagnosing and monitoring your patients or clinical trials subjects.

Our In2itive e-Diary is the only integrated e-Diary/Spirometer available in the research marketplace. Respiratory measurements, along with disease related questionnaires, symptom related information and medication use can be collected in the home setting and transferred directly to our central server. The In2itive e-Diary can be customized to individual protocol needs along with alarms and reminders to enhance compliance.

Vitalograph’s 4000 Series Respiratory Monitors include the asma-1, copd-6 and Lung MonitorAvailable with a wide range of communications options including USB, Serial and Bluetooth, the 4000 Series family is designed to enable transmission of respiratory data to your e-Diary, telephone, PDA, computer or telemedicine hub. The 4000 Series offers simple, easy-to-use devices for monitoring transplant patients as well as those with asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis.

Our Aerosol Inhalation Monitor, the Vitalograph AIMTM assists clinicians in determining the most appropriate method of medication delivery for their patients as well as training their patients on the proper use of their medications. The AIM, provides real-time visual and auditory feedback on inhaler actuation, inhalation rate, inhalation time and breath hold time with a graphical display when proper administration has been achieve. The AIM unit is also being used successfully in clinical trials to screen subjects for correct administration technique to ensure proper deposition of the study medication.

Vitalograph offer independent, Quality Over-read Services by industry experts in accordance with regulatory, industry and protocol requirements. Reviewers provide constant feedback to research sites resulting in improved test performance and test quality, thereby increasing data integrity.

Centralized data and data reports are available to sponsors and clients via the VIEWER web portal providing on-demand access for effective monitoring of your clinical trial.

All Vitalograph devices comply with international performance requirements and are registered to FDA510K and CE specifications. Vitalograph also operates an ISO9001 & ISO 13485 R&D and manufacturing facility.

Whether you need a clinic based cardio-respiratory workstation or standardized systems to support clinical trials, Vitalograph is a name synonymous with quality products and services. For information on our products and services contact Vitalograph at 913-888-4221 or visit our website at www.vitalograph.com.

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