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Europe: +32 (0)15 342 111

China: +86 10 6788 5522

Singapore: +65 6501 4000

Global Platform & Dedicated Central Labs

LabCorp Clinical Trials combines standardized international laboratory capabilities with sophisticated diagnostic technologies to provide a broad portfolio of clinical assays to support drug and diagnostic clinical studies.

  • Full-service central laboratory support for Phase I through Phase IV studies
  • Comprehensive portfolio of clinical assays and laboratory services for accelerated drug development
  • Dedicated research and development services to assist in assay development and validation, and new assay implementation
  • Participation in more than 7300 clinical trials, including more than 1200 with international sites
  • Dedicated clinical trials laboratories in Belgium, China, Singapore and the United States
  • First CAP-accredited and NGSP Level 1 lab in China with 16 years experience.

Global Clinical Studies

LabCorp Clinical Trials provides scientific expertise and technology leadership in esoteric and genomic testing.

  • Standardized test platforms and global reference intervals for real-time combined data
  • Global proficiency testing and quality control programs
  • Global courier and logistics solutions
  • Standardized network of testing facilities for decentralized Phase I support
  • U.S. network of laboratories to process viable PBMCs from patient samples.

Leading-Edge Science

LabCorp Clinical Trials provides the scientific expertise to help develop, validate, and commercialize assays for novel biomarkers in support of new therapeutics. LabCorp Clinical Trials provides clinical trials laboratory support for both elements of a companion diagnostic, all the way from the evaluation of both drug and putative biomarkers through to ensuring widespread availability of the diagnostic test congruently with drug launch.

  • Scientific leadership and innovation across major therapeutic areas
  • Expertise in assessing and developing new technology platforms
  • Dedicated support in assessing assay feasibility and optimization
  • Ability to transfer in technologies and validate their use in large multicenter studies
  • Dedicated services to assist in assay development and validation, and new assay implementation.

Broad Service Portfolio

LabCorp Clinical Trials has one of the most comprehensive testing portfolios in the industry – with thousands of validated assays:

  • Advanced flow cytometry applications
  • Biorepository services
  • Coagulation
  • Companion diagnostic development and commercialization
  • Cytogenetics
  • Endocrinology
  • Fluorescense in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Infectious disease and viral genotyping
  • In-vitro diagnostic device clinical trials
  • Method development/validation
  • Molecular genetics
  • PBMC processing services
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Phase I and regional capabilities
  • Tumor markers, including phospho-epitopes

In addition to global central safety testing for all your protocols.

Comprehensive Biomarker Services:

  • Companion Diagnostics: As the leading provider of specialized diagnostic testing, LabCorp is the clinical laboratory for personalized medicine. LabCorp has a focused companion diagnostics department, facilitating the translation of putative biomarkers from clinical trials into clinical diagnostic tests.
  • Biorepository Services: The LabCorp Biorepository is a world-class, purpose-built, dedicated biological specimen storage facility. Beyond simple storage capabilities, the Biorepository initiative includes the acquisition of well annotated, consented specimens for biomarker discovery efforts.
  • Tandem Labs: Providing targeted biomarker assays, biomarker discovery, and multiplexed assays for biomarker assay development and validation.
  • The Biomarker Factory: This innovative venture combines Duke University Medical Center's excellence in biomarker discovery and validation with LabCorp's expertise in the development and commercialization of innovative diagnostic and laboratory tools.


Contact Information: 

LabCorp Clinical Trials
750 Walnut Avenue
Cranford, NJ, 07016, USA
Phone : 8777888861
Fax : 5122251273
Internet : www.labcorp.com/clinicaltrials
Email : clintrialssales@labcorp.com
Contact Person : Josh Goldsmith, PhD