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Duke Clinical Research Institute


About the DCRI

As part of the Duke University School of Medicine, the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is known for conducting groundbreaking multinational clinical trials, managing major national patient registries, and performing landmark outcomes research.

DCRI research spans multiple disciplines, from pediatrics to geriatrics, primary care to subspecialty medicine, and genomics to proteomics. The DCRI also is home to the Duke Databank for Cardiovascular Diseases, the largest and oldest institutional cardiovascular database in the world, which continues to inform clinical decision-making 40 years after its founding.

What Sets Us Apart

The DCRI is the largest academic clinical research organization in the world. Here we uniquely integrate the research interests of medical experts within Duke University with a robust infrastructure of business and operational expertise. 

With more than 1200 employees, including more than 240 full- and part-time faculty, the DCRI provides the scientific leadership for multiple clinical research studies in a variety of therapeutic areas; manages global multicenter projects; conducts a full range of research, from clinical epidemiology to clinical trials and registries, to health services and health policy research; and executes our research in an environment that meets stringent regulatory requirements.

Our model thrives on a direct connection between our outcomes and the patient’s bedside, as study results change clinical practice and new clinical methods improve patients’ results, stimulating more scientific concepts to turn into protocols and restart the cyclical process. Our independent interpretation of study results offers additional credibility.


We provide every service needed for successful research, including project, data, and site management, clinical monitoring, biostatistical analysis, safety surveillance, and medical communications. This full portfolio of capabilities means our clients, who include pharmaceutical and medical device makers, biotech companies, and government agencies, can find a tailored research plan that meets their needs.

Our abilities do not end with a project’s conclusion. We know that successful research in today’s climate also includes post-approval studies for a complete submission package and a communications strategy for effective dissemination of results.


The DCRI has:

  • completed more than 870 phase I-IV  clinical trials, and registries, outcomes,  economic, and imaging studies;
  • conducted studies at more than 37,000 sites in 65 countries;
  • enrolled more than 1,204,000 patients in DCRI studies; and
  • published more than 7,300 articles in peer-reviewed journals.



Clinical R&D, Clinical Trial Design, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Data Management, Medical Communications, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs/Regulatory Strategy, Statistical Services/Meta Analysis, Therapeutic Specific Research, Trial Management

Contact Information: 

Duke Clinical Research Institute
300 W Morgan St Ste 800
Durham, NC, 27701, USA
Phone : 9196688700
Fax : 9196687150
Internet : www.dcri.org
Email : help@dcri.duke.edu
Contact Person : Suzanne Pfeifer