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Volunteer Service Awards

DIA Volunteer Service Awards recognize outstanding volunteers for their leadership and support of DIA’s mission and vision to advance the discovery, development, and life cycle management of safe and effective medical products. We believe it’s important to honor these volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve DIA and its constituents.

DIA Founders' Service Award

The Founders Service Award is named after the group of 30 professionals who founded DIA in 1964 with a fundamental value that the Association is member driven and fueled by the pharmaceutical industry’s need for a neutral forum. This award level is given with the highest recognition and appreciation for volunteerism in the DIA organization. It recognizes those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the mission, vision, and values of DIA and fostered its growth and development through their dedicated and sustained volunteerism.

  • Eligibility/Criteria. Open to all DIA members in good standing. Current members of the DIA Board of Directors are not eligible. Nominees have contributed to DIA in a sustained way and are proven leaders and collaborators. These individuals have a breadth and depth of contributions and a record of significant work in a variety of roles, such as Speaker, Track Chair, Meeting/Workshop, Committee Member, etc.

DIA Outstanding Service Award

The DIA Outstanding Service Award is given to recognize those individuals who consistently, through their volunteer efforts, have made contributions to the DIA mission and vision over the past several years. These individuals have exceeded expectations in their volunteer activities with DIA.

  • Eligibility/Criteria. Open to all DIA members in good standing. Current members of the DIA Board of Directors are not eligible. Nominees have made consistent contributions to advancing DIA’s mission, vision, and overall goals. Their contributions might include serving as a Speaker; Session, Meeting, or Track Chair; Author; Teaching Faculty; Advisory Council member or Community member.

DIA Community Award

DIA Community Award recognizes an Outstanding Community that fosters the professional growth of their constituents while advancing the mission of DIA.

  • Eligibility/Criteria. Open to all Communities, Community working groups, task forces, and communities focused on special initiatives. Self-nominations are accepted. One such award is given each year. Nominees should be able to demonstrate the community’s significant contributions to DIA’s mission, vision, and overall goals and the efforts of the community’s constituents to network and develop professionally.

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