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Review of the 9th Middle East Regulatory Conference

Review of the 9th Middle East Regulatory Conference

The 9th Middle East Regulatory Conference (MERC) was attended by over 250 delegates from pharmaceutical companies from around the world, as well as numerous Middle East health authorities. The focus of the 9th MERC was on seven key and equally important sessions: • Local Regulatory Authorities’ Views and Key Issues (primarily focusing on key developments in Middle East regulatory authority frameworks and legislation) • The Global Regulatory Environment and Opportunities for the Middle East Authorities • Pharmacovigilance as a Tool to Monitor Pharmaceutical Products in Relation to Patient Safety • Biological Medicines and Their Associated Regulatory Complexity • Harmonization of Regulatory Documentation: Structure and Requirements • Future Trends in Harmonization and Collaboration for the Middle East Region • The Risk for Public Health in Relation to Falsified Medicines