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PROSAR I Distinctive Quality and Commitment

PROSAR is a leading provider of pharmacovigilance and medical information services

PROSAR has been providing pharmacovigilance and medical information services for over eight years. Our experienced healthcare professionals are thoroughly trained experts in providing these specialized services. Our technological infrastructure, SOPs and quality assurance procedures are designed to exceed industry standards. We provide a seamless interface with clients' drug safety, medical affairs, regulatory and quality departments to contribute to already established pharmacovigilance and medical information practices and we help start-up companies establish the infrastructure needed to be compliant.



  • Intake of adverse events by pharmacists and RNs in our 24/7 call center
  • Case assessment, MedDRA coding and narrative writing
  • Completion of MedWatch 3500A and CIOMS reports
  • Preparation of periodic reports
  • Trend reporting and signal detection
  • Medical literature screening to identify and process reportable cases
  • Product complaint intake

Medical Information Services

  • Pharmacists and RNs respond to inquiries from patients and healthcare professionals
  • 24/7 call center
  • Response to emails, phone calls, faxes and standard mail
  • Creation of standard response letters and custom responses


  • Reduce costs of staffing and infrastructure without sacrificing quality
  • Minimize risk by having a comprehensive pharmacovigilance and medical information program in place
  • Enhance patient care by providing medical information 24/7
  • Meet the Adverse Event reporting requirements
  • Extend product lifecycles through signal detection

Visit us at www.ProsarSafety.com


Medical Information, Pharmacovigilance

Contact Information: 

2635 University Ave West, Suite 195
St. Paul, MN, 55114, USA
Phone : 6519176116
Fax : 6516410341
Internet : www.prosarsafety.com
Email : mbieniek@prosarcorp.com
Contact Person : Mike Bieniek