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GMP Updates - Enforcement Changes at the New FDA

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A UL EduNeering course

US Food and Drug Administration-regulated products—food, drugs, biologics, and medical devices—must be created using good manufacturing practices (GMPs). This course reviews upcoming significant changes in FDA practices, including stepped-up emphases on inspections, warning letters, enforcement, and follow-up. Participants in this course learn about the challenges facing FDA and the industry from outsourced manufacturing and how companies can prepare for the coming changes.

Featured Topics 

  • Current FDA regulatory environment
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Supply chain and supplier monitoring challenges
  • Risk prevention and future planning in the pharmaceutical, biological, and medical device industry

Who Should Attend 

Professionals and experts in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device fields

Special Offers 

Save by purchasing multiple UL EduNeering eLearning modules at one time. One to two modules cost $99 each, three to four cost $89 each, five to nine cost $80 each, and 10 or more cost $65 each.

Contact Information 

Linda Belmont, DIA
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Registration Fees 

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When purchasing multiple UL EduNeering eLearning modules in one transaction, the following discount prices apply:

·          1 to 2 modules are $99.00 each

·          3 to 4 modules are $89.00 each

·          5 to 9 modules are $80.00 each

·          10 or more modules are $65.00 each

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