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Present: Chief Pharmacist, Professor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University; Member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Society of Pharmacy administration Professional Committee and Pharmacoeconomic Professional Committee; Vice Chairman of Journal of Editorial Board of China Pharmacist, Journal of China Licensed Pharmacist and Chinese Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology, etc. Working Experience: ¦1989.7----2006.01 Working in Center for Drug Evaluation, SFDA. Final position was assistant director of CDE, SFDA. ¦2006.01----2009.01 Acting director of Center for Drug Reevaluation, SFDA. ¦2009.01----now Working in School of Business Administration of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. The directions of major studies: ¦ Technical evaluation and management of Drug in Pre- and Post-Marketing;New Drug Registration Management; Drug Risk Management;Research on Drug Policy;Strategy Research on Modern Management of Traditional Chinese Medicines.