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DIA Europe 2022

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Precision Prevention in a Dynamic Data Economy

Session Chair(s)

Volker  Liebenberg

Volker Liebenberg

  • Director. Medical Affairs EMEA
  • Illumina, Germany
Society’s focus currently shifts from symptom-based intervention to prevention and early treatment with curative intent. This trend is driven by the need to lower healthcare cost and improve patient outcomes. Genomics, data analytics and digital applications are critical enablers in this process but come with their own demands with regards to regulation, implementation and scale. This session will present successful examples, essential scalable concepts such dynamic management of decentralized data as well as key regulatory initiatives.
Learning Objective : - Introduce emerging paradigms for decentralised data management: universal data language with OCA, user agency problem with TDA - Describe decentralized protocols allowing privacy-and-consent by design data flows to facilitate the access to patient data in clinical trials or AI based research - Organise a panel discussion based on the outcome of prototypes and projects carried within pharma companies.


Erwin P Bottinger

HPI: For Risks and Side Effects Consult Your Smart Phone

Erwin P Bottinger

  • Co-Director
  • Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health, Mount Sinai, United States
Philippe  Page, DrSc

Human Colossus: Dynamic Data Economy – An Open Protocol For Authentic and Accurate Data Exchange in Healthcare

Philippe Page, DrSc

  • Head of Knowledge Sharing, Trustee
  • The Human Colossus Foundation, Switzerland
Nada  Alkhayat

Regulatory Requirements for Advanced Healthcare Apps

Nada Alkhayat

  • Policy Officer - Medical Devices
  • European Commission , Belgium