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DIA Learning

DIA Learning Solutions
Aligning the Right Learning Solution to your Strategic Goals

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Trends in biopharma are rapidly evolving with new challenges and regulations. Do you have a plan to advance your functional teams?

To keep you at the forefront, DIA delivers blended learning curriculums that meet the diverse needs of professionals across the medical product development spectrum. DIA learners develop a set of practical skills that meet or exceed accepted standards to apply to their current and future careers. We deliver solutions to address learning needs in safety and pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, clinical research, medical affairs, project management, and more!

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Why DIA?

  • Association – Nonprofit, education led, neutral, and credible
  • Network- Access to the widest network of distinguished faculty
  • Subject Matter- Training provided in all major areas of health care product development, registration, and maintenance
  • Expertise – In-house, membership-based thought leadership

Blended learning solutions aligned to meet your specific challenges in:

Value to you:

  • Flexible and convenient – Delivered at the time and location of your choice
  • Focused and collaborative – Developed according to your business goals
  • Internationally recognized faculty only DIA can deliver
  • Cost effective - Save on staff travel and accommodation costs

DIA Learning is delivered in the following formats:

  • Online. Whether it is an eLearning program for groups (allowing learners to go at their own pace and have access for one full year), or an online training for your team, we bring learning to you, anywhere in the world.
  • Face-to-Face. Bring DIA to your office or local community. Get live, in-person training and save on cost without compromising value or outcomes.

To get a Free Trial of Our eLearning Solutions, Ask Questions, or Request a Custom Proposal, Contact