Clinical Safety & PharmacovigilancePharmacovigilance fundamentals and goals contribute to protecting patient safety around the world. Ever-changing methodologies, tools, and ways of ensuring that key pharmacovigilance activities are at the highest standards, create efficiency and improve ways of working. Through clinical safety and pharmacovigilance programs and initiatives, DIA serves as a neutral platform for all pharmacovigilance stakeholders, a safe harbor to collaborate on shared challenges and opportunities for improvement and disseminate outcomes through DIA regional and global communities.


Certificate Program

Medical Affiairs eLearning Program

DIA’s Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program is a comprehensive, competency-based program designed for individuals new to the field with one to three years of experience, or for those looking to broaden their expertise in this area.

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eLearning Program

DIA eLearning Drug Safety

The Drug Safety eLearning Program provides the knowledge you need, from regulations and requirements through premarket review and postmarket monitoring.

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