After Brexit: Focus on the New Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

Published Date: Feb 02, 2021

The trade agreement is welcomed by many stakeholders in the sector as it has lessened the uncertainty around the future relationship between the EU and the UK and has allowed for more clarity on future business operations.


Thomas Kühler

Thomas Kühler


Sanofi R&D

A PhD chemist by training with late Nobel Prize Laureate Donald J. Cram. In recognition of his contributions to the field of Medicinal Chemistry and longstanding experience in drug discovery he was appointed Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden. He has garnered his work experience from Hässle AB in Sweden (now AstraZeneca), the Medical Products Agency, Novo Nordisk A/S in Denmark, and most recently Sanofi in France. Thomas has served on the Board of the Drug Information Association in the US. He also was a member and chair of the Board of The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs in the UK. Currently, he’s serving on the Board of the MedTech & Pharma Platform headquartered in Switzerland.